New Balance 300 20210904

Usually wear 39, no goods bought 250, a little big, very man. It’s airtight. I cover my feet. My feet are sweaty and smelly. Other things are great. Buy them if you like

First of all, if you want to buy this kind of shoes, you need to be careful. I will wear them for a day. My ankle is bleeding. I take off a layer of skin, and the shoes can’t be worn! If you want to buy it, be sure to have a look. Can your feet stand grinding These shoes are really wearing and painful. Think about it carefully, OK Customer service said that it is normal for new shoes to grind their feet. Would it be good to grind them for a few days But I just want to ask why there was no such situation when I bought other shoes before, and the experience was very poor. Then give me a lot of advice on how not to grind your feet and look at the pictures.

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