Nike M2K Tekno 20210904

Nike M2K Tekno

Nike Nike m2k Tekno retro casual dad shoe. By adjusting the lines of the upper and the middle sole, it still retains a large number of retro decorative elements. Combined with the lightweight and cushioned foam insole, it brings comfortable daily wearing experience. Its unique retro thick sole design and cool color matching will carry the retro trend to the end. Article No. bv2519 001

This pair of shoes is really great. My friend recommended it. I used to wear HD hard ground all the time. Today, I wear this pair of shoes. I feel very comfortable and soft on the upper foot, and the wrapping is great. I don’t lose to Nike. I’ve been wearing it for 2 hours, and my feet are not tired. I really recommend this pair of shoes. It feels great. Logistics is also fast.

Nike M2K Tekno

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